On the Road: Rural Retreat Winery


When you hear the name Rural Retreat Winery it is likely that images such as these come to mind. However, Rural Retreat Winery has so much more to offer beyond what’s pictured above. They have a deli that serves incredible sandwiches like these:

Now unlike most delis where sitting at a table is your only option, at Rural Retreat Winery you can sit by the fireplace and enjoy one of these excellent sandwiches!



So what if the Reuben or hamburger pictured does not suit your taste then you have choices such as a Ham & Cheese, Roast Beef & Swiss, or a Spinach Cranberry Salad. Also there are specials such as BLT, Smoked Pork BBQ, Chicken Salad, and Philly Steak & Cheese. There is always an assortment of delicious desserts to choose from. My last trip there for lunch I had a slice of baked cheesecake with fresh strawberry compote on it!



As if that wasn’t enough wonderful reasons to make Rural Retreat Winery your next stop for lunch, they have even more to offer such as a section where you can shop locally made products, you can purchase Girl Scout cookies there, you can book their impressively decorated suite, or book their catering services for your next event or group meeting! There is quite a bit to experience at this treasure hidden in Rural Retreat at 201 Church Street near the Depot.