On the Road: Graze on Main

So I’m sitting in the Vault at the Bolling Wilson Hotel and I’m talking to my new friends while I’m waiting on my buddies Barb, Sam, and Sarah to join me for lunch at Graze on Main. So here’s a picture of my new friends.

They told me that the Graze on Main name is all about them. So I asked them how that could be. They told me that their kin folk a few generations back used to live on the lawn of the White House while President and Mrs. Wilson lived there so they were known to graze on Pennsylvania Avenue. Well my new friends said they are here in honor of the former First Lady and her friends on Main Street in Mrs. Wilson’s hometown. They said they are here to GRAZE ON MAIN just as everyone else should, especially at lunch time! I told them that I think that’s what I’m here for I’ve been abandoned by my lunch group. About that time Barb shook me and I woke up. She said they’ve been waiting on me and they thought they would need to send out a search party to find me until she heard me talking….out loud….in my sleep in the Vault. As we walked towards our table I said Barb let me introduce you to my new friends in the Vault. She said there was no one else in there and that Sam and Sarah were patiently waiting on us. I know what I saw so don’t laugh when I say the big fella winked at me and nodded as we left the Vault. Barb laughed anyways. No one else at my lunch table believed my story about my new friends and the name for Graze on Main. That was until my new friends stopped by to take a pic of our group that had gathered to GRAZE ON MAIN for lunch!


Feeling vindicated I could then enjoy my Turkey Club and Sweet Potato Fries while the other members of my group enjoyed fun dishes such as a Fried Green Tomato BLT! Oh and don’t think that carry out lunches get skimpy! Check out this masterpiece we took back to Willis who was holding down the fort while we were gone to lunch. WOW!!

Make today the day you stop in for an awesome Graze on Main lunch today. Starting today at 11AM make it your choice for lunch!

Check out their lunch menu options : here


And check out their incredible view!!



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