Shop Local, Eat Local

Shopping & Services

Place of Business Website Shopping Options Phone
Chrissy's Primitives Web Open/Curbside 276228-0089
Counts Drug Co. Curbside/Delivery 276-228-2178
Devoted to You Web Open 276-620-0434
Freckles & Fringes Boutique Web Online  
Glitz & Glam Boutique Web Open/Curbside/Online 276-223-1288
King's Country Produce Open 276-228-3540
Petals of Wytheville Web Open/Curbside/Delivery 276-227-0031
P.R. Sturgill Fine Jewelry Open 276-335-2131
She Shed Boutique Web Online
Wythe Produce   Open/Curbside
Wytheville About Face Curbside/By Appointment 276-228-8446
Wytheville Farmer's Market Web Curbside
Wytheville Office Supply Open/Delivery 276-228-5537

Takeout & Delivery

Restaurant Location Dining Options Phone
7 Dogs Brewpub Wytheville Curbside/Takeout (Beer) 276-228-0994
Applebee's Wytheville Curbside/Takeout 276-223-4404
Burger Express Ft. Chiswell Takeout 276-637-6285
Chau's Corner Bakery Wytheville Curbside/Takeout/Delivery 276-228-2428
China Wok Wytheville Takeout 276-228-8886
Choulula Mexican Restaurant Grahams Forge Takeout 276-637-0211
CJ's Pizza Wytheville Curbside 276-228-8448
Crackers Barrel Wytheville Curbside/Takeout/Limited Delivery 276-228-1046
Crepe House & Creamery Wytheville Curbside 276-389-8468
Denny's Wytheville Takeout 276-228-0025
Denny's Ft. Chiswell Takeout 276-637-3057
Dominos Wytheville Curbside/Takeout/Delivery 276-335-0145
Dutch Pantry Rural Retreat Curbside/Takeout 276-686-2042
El Puerto Wytheville Curbside/Takeout 276-228-3159
El Patio Wytheville Takeout 276-227-0450
Flourz Wytheville Curbside 276-227-0959
Grayson Restaurant Wytheville Curbside/Takeout 276-228-5304
Graze on Main Wytheville Curbside/Takeout 276-223-2334
Happy Cinco de Mayo Ft. Chiswell Curbside/Takeout 276-637-1100
Hickory House BBQ Wytheville Curbside/Takeout 276-335-2211
Italian Garden Wytheville Curbside/Takeout/Delivery 276-227-0770
Java Blend Cafe Rural Retreat Curbside/Takeout/Delivery 276-250-2005
Joey's Country Kitchen Rural Retreat Curbside/Takeout 276-686-4911
Lakes to Florida Grill Wytheville Takeout 276-227-0891
Lunch Bucket Diner & Bakery Austinsville Curbside/Takeout 276-699-8005
Little Caesars Wytheville Takeout 276-228-8899
Matterhorn Lounge Wytheville Curbside/Takeout/Delivery (Wine&Beer) 276-223-0891
Mom's Birdhouse Ft. Chiswell Curbside/Takeout 276-637-1111
New River General Store Pizza Austinsville Takeout 276-699-6600
Olykoek Donuts Wytheville Curbside/Takeout 276-335-2109
Open Door Cafe Wytheville Takeout 276-227-0212
Papa Tasos Wytheville Curbside/Takeout/Delivery 276-228-5300
Papa John's Wytheville Curbside/Takeout/Delivery 276-625-7272
Peking Chinese Restaurant Wytheville Takeout 276-228-5515
Petals of Wytheville Wytheville Curbside/Open/Delivery (Wine & Beer) 276-227-0031
Pizza Hut Wytheville Curbside/Takeout/Delivery 276-228-7373
Pizza Plus Rural Retreat Takeout/Delivery 276-686-8686
Ruby Tuesday Wytheville Curbside/Takeout 276-223-4380
Rural Retreat Winery Rural Retreat Takeout (Wine) 276-686-8300
Seven Sisters Brewery Wytheville Pre-Order Curbside (Beer) 276-920-1796
Skeeter's Wytheville Curbside/Takeout 276-228-2611
Speedwell Market & Deli Speedwell Takeout 276-621-4111
Tha Dawg House Wytheville Curbside/Takeout/Delivery 276-228-0946
Virginia Heights Wytheville Curbside/Takeout 276-228-6133
Waffle House Wytheville Takeout 276-228-7767
Wythe Produce & Deli Wytheville Curbside/Takeout 276-223-0055


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